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 Mel Schwartz Sleeps With Mae West is the story of a homophobic middle-aged man living in Miami Beach in 1981 who is stunned to discover that his beautiful mistress of the past five years used to be a man. If that wasn't enough of a shock, it turns out his transgender mistress is actually the long-lost child of his lifelong friend, Milty. When Milty finds out that his son is now a daughter and that Mel's been shtupping her, chaos ensues. Starring Peter Librach as Mel Schwartz, popular comic Sheba Mason as Marla, Cherrill Rae as Ruthy, Jerry Weinberg as Lester, Dave Gordon as Milty, and Ginger Reiter as Jeanie (Mae West).   This fun new show is penned and directed by Ginger Jean Reiter (The Jackie Mason Musical, Solomon's 700 Wives - The Musical, The Back Massage, Oh That Mitzi).* MATURE THEMES.